Everything Is Terrible! has amassed the world’s largest collection of Jerry Maguire VHS tapes. This absurd piece of long form performance art has been achieved solely through fan donations, with a current total of approximately 14,000 once beloved video tapes.

The Jerry Maguire Video Store at iam8bit Gallery will be a perfect re-creation of a video rental store circa 1996, but instead of carrying thousands of porn quadrilogies and action movie knockoffs, this store will carry only Jerry Maguire on VHS. Seeing thousands of Jerrys finally reunited will forever destroy the viewers’ previous perception of culture, waste, and existence as a whole. The Jerrys are a beautiful thing.

And this is only the beginning. At the Jerry Maguire Video Store, EIT! will be unveiling plans for the enormous, permanent pyramid in the desert where all the world’s Jerrys will live until the end of time. Everything Is Terrible! has been working with a team of architects, engineers, and builders to design the epic monument to America’s consumption. Now they need your help to make this stupid dream a reality. All proceeds from the Jerry Maguire Video Store will go towards the land, materials, and labor that are needed to build the Jerry Maguire Pyramid. If you can’t come to Los Angeles, you can still help by making a financial donation and by mailing Jerrys to PO Box 50825, Los Angeles, CA 90050. This is the stupidest incarnation of the American dream and it must be realized.